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"Everyone knows South Philly for its hoagies. With cuts of meat coming in fresh from the Italian market and some of the region's best cheeses on hand, it's almost easy to run a deli. But there are some people that wish to cut that exclusivity away from one neighborhood and branch it out to the suburbs, even other states.

The deli at Meadowbrook, owned by the DiPascale family, has done that superbly. While serving partly as a mini-grocery mart, MFC finds its niche in sandwiches. Cold or hot, this little absentee piece of South Philly serves a plethora of Italian favorites, as well as some specialty hoagies not seen anywhere else. For instance, the Kitchen Sink contains premium turkey breast, shredded prosciutto, sharp provolone cheese, broccoli rabe, roasted red peppers, and hunks of fresh mozzarella.

The sandwich choice alone makes this place a cut above the rest, but its what they do with the sandwiches that makes MFC truly special. Unlike most delis, MFC isn't stingy with the meat and cheese. While their Italian and American hoagies seem to be comparable to the size of most others', everything else on the menu is monstrous in portion. A normal 6-inch hoagie weighs about a pound, and the brunt of that is meat. Piles of turkey, roast beef, or ham, and whatever cheese you want from their excellent selection. In the end, you're paying $5.50 to $6 bucks, about what you would in the city anyway.

Also, the bread here really stands out. Their normal Italian rolls are pretty damn good, and they also offer Sarcone's seeded for a little extra per sandwich.

Aside from hoagies, they offer full lunchmeat service, hot foods, most groceries, and even full-on catering for parties.

I simply cannot say enough about Meadowbrook. If I could give it any more stars, I would in a heartbeat. I implore anyone in the Delaware Valley to find me a better hoagie. Until then, this place is king."

- Steve R

We couldn't say it any better!  Thank you Steve.