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In 1916, my grandfather started his own slaughter house on 9th street in South Philly. Our roots for choice cut meats go back that far and we haven't stopped serving the finest choice cut meats. At Meadowbrook, we have 4 butchers on staff at all times to give you just what you need when it comes to butchered meats. We have everything from ground beef to crown roasts.

We make our own homemade sausage fresh daily and in the summertime for your BBQ needs we can make you homemade fresh hamburger patties. Our specialty is our seasoned boneless pork roast.

If you haven't had one, let our butcher prepare one for your entire family. Our chefs can give you ideas on how to cook it to make it just right. Veal Cutlet, Filet Mignon, Chip Steak, Bracciola, Chicken Cutlets and much much more.

We have everything to suit your needs.


View Uncle Gaet Making Sausage at DiPascale's